Tactical Air War (TAW) is a simulation of the World War II conflict from the military pilot’s perspective. It’s an online non-linear 24/7 campaign with a dynamic front-line, and a limited semi-historical, balanced plane set. Unlike other campaigns, Tactical Air War objectives continue when the map rotates from the previous ones. As an example, if you destroy the tank column in one mission, it will be destroyed in the next one. If you seriously damaged the enemy airfield, it can be closed in the next mission. In TAW you have no central leader or general. You decide how you want to play. You can cooperate with other players, and you can fly as a lone wolf. It’s all in your hands, and the way you communicate and organize the flights with your teammates. This is a different dynamic from other online servers. In TAW, you have to constantly make decisions, including deciding what you’re going to accomplish before you begin your flight.

Additionally, we are giving a free access to the public TAW TS3. It’s highly recommended, but not a requirement to be logged into the TS3 server. TAW objects are created by our backend generator. It constructs a new objective according to the player’s actions in the previous mision. Objectives are not the same in every mission. You, the player, are the deciding factor to what objectives are generated. Your effort and sacrifice will finally make sense. With this in mind, TAW is all about thinking and flying responsibly while completing objectives. Moreover, camping over the enemy bases or flying at extremely high altitudes will not bring you any serious benefits. This is because as your virtual pilot completes objectives and defeats enemy pilots, you will unlock better planes.

The TAW campaign consist of seven maps. The side which wins more maps win the campaign. To win a map one side must capture or destroy all enemy airfields or cities. One map consist of several missions. Each mission last about 1:45. There are also resource limitation on each map: 1300 airplane, 900 pilots and 650 tanks. If airplane or pilots limit is reached then the current map is lost. If one side exceeds the tanks limit it's unable to produce tanks convoys (a map isn't ended then). This side can still defend. If two sides exceed the tank limit then the map ends in a draw


Server settings:


· No objects icons

· No navigation icons

· No kill notifications

· No coalition balancer

· Death penalty 5 minutes

· Mission duration about 1:45 hours

· You may have one account for Allied and one account for Axis (with different pilot's name)




Registration is optional. You may just join the server and start your campaign. The script will create your pilot’s account automatically. Remember first sortie determines your side: Allied or Axis. You may also register your account anytime. On the registration form you will need to fill in:

· Pilot name – This must be the full name that matches your in-game name for IL-2. You must also include your squadron tag if you have one.

· Side – it’s recommended to choose side with less players to balance the server.

· Preferred planes – Checked type of planes will be replenish first.


If you want to change your pilot name then log in and change the name in Pilot Profile tab.


If you want to register your squadron, click Squad Profile and fill in the form. After you have completed the form, you will become the leader of the squadron. From there, you may add other pilots to it.




3.1 Game Overview

There are many decisions to be made while flying on TAW. This section will help you get started. First of all, check the map on the server or on the website to see how the tactical situation and weather looks like. On the website, there is information about every airfield and city, including:

· City Name – The name of the city or nearby airfield

· Cities Under Siege – A city that is currently being attacked by an enemy tank convoy

· City Defense Level – The current status of the defense line (anti-tanks artillery)  near the city

· Airfield Damage Level – The current damage of the city’s nearby airfield.

Then, you should choose to either defend friendly units or attack enemy targets. When making this decision, consider mission rotation time, your current plane set, and if you’re flying alone or with friends. In every mission, you will have plenty of targets. Some of the objectives will be visible, other objectives need a reconnaissance to appear (like transport convoys). Cities and their nearby airfields are key strategic points. Each mission cities may spawn an armored convoy. The armored column will advance to the nearest enemy city. If it reaches that city, then that city will be captured. To counter this, the defending city will spawn an artillery defense. If the defense is not destroyed, then it will have a good chance at stopping the advancing armored column.

To capture the city, your friendly armored column must reach the enemy city, and it must win against the defensive line setup by the defending city. The more tanks that survive, the greater chance for capturing the city. The artillery defense consists of anti-tank guns, tanks, armored vehicles, dugouts and anti-air batteries. More of defensive line that survives, the greater chance they will destroy tank column. Undamaged artillery defenses can usually survive one attack of an undamaged advancing tank column. In this vein, if you want to capture the city you MUST attack the defensive position. After each mission, surviving artillery defensive positions will receive a small resupply from their nearby city. If advancing tank column is about 15km from the city or airfield the nearby airfield is closed. Shorter version: Kill the enemy defense lines and defend own tanks to capture cities.


3.2 Tank columns

An undamaged advancing tank column consist of several tanks, supply trucks and anti-air vehicles. The main strength of these convoys are tanks. More of them that arrive to the enemy city, bigger chance of capturing the city. The trucks in the convoy represent supply and logistic service, the more of them survive the more supply will be available in your captured city and airfield.

After destroying several vehicles, the pace of the tank column is slower in the next mission. In addition to this, the column is supplied a little after every mission. If the bridge on the convoy route is destroyed then there isn't any resupply in the tanks convoy.


3.3 Defense line

Defense line consist of several positions around the city. In every position there are many vehicles and objects to destroy. The main strength of the defense line are tanks and anti-tanks artillery (almost 50% of total strength), next dugouts (about 30%) and the rest armored trucks and BM-13 Your task is to destroy as many vehicles and dugouts as possible to decrease the strength of the defense line. A slightly damaged defense line will be supplied after each mission. A severely damaged defense line can be replenished by a supply column. The defense line can’t be supplied by transport planes.


3.4 Supply column

A supply column consists of several supply trucks and a few anti-air vehicles. This column is spawned whenever an airfield or a defensive line is severely damaged. If both of those targets are damaged in the same area, the column will be twice as large. Like the advancing tank column, the more vehicles that survive to their target, the more resupply that damaged target will receive. A damaged supply column will move slower. Unlike the other objectives (tanks and defensive positions), the supply column doesn’t have an icon on the map at the beginning of the mission. You will have to recon the white circled area in which the supply column is located. Once you locate it the icon is visible for others on the map.


3.5 Airfields and cities

Airfield is a vital strategic point on the map. If tank column captures the city it also capture nearby airfield. Airfields are very well defended by the strong AAA. You should attack them from the horizontal flight with heavy bombers. To completely destroy the airfield you need to destroy hangars, fuel dumps and static planes. Airfield is closed when it is damaged more than 75%. When airfield is damaged more then 85% then it's destroyed completely (no AA and buildings and damage set to 100%). Repaired airfield may be still closed for 1 or 2 mission.

There is other way to capture the airfield. If it's damaged more than 50% the paratroopers drop zone (blue circle) is visible on the map near the enemy city. Then if 60 or more paratroopers land within the area of the drop zone the enemy city may be captured by them with a chance between 50% - 100%. The more damaged airfield the bigger chance paratroopers will capture it.  Captured airfield by tanks or paratroopers is closed for one mission (repair status).

Slightly damaged airfield is supplied a little after each mission. If airfield is severely damaged then supply column is send to it .If enemy tank column is near the airfield or city (about 15km) then this airfield is closed. You may not take off from it.

You may also resupply friendly airfield by transport airplanes by about 3-4% each. Transport planes are: Ju 52/3m with cargo, also Pe-2, He-111, Ju-88 with 100% fuel and no bombs and rockets. Ju-52 with cargo resupply airfield by 6%-8%. You must takeoff from an airfield damaged less then 40% and land on an airfield damaged more than 0%. The friendly airfield will not be supplied by transport airplane in two cases:

·   This airfield was damage more than 85% in current mission

·   This airfield was captured by enemy in current mission


Cities with airfield has round icon with the airplane inside on the web map and cities without airfield has squared icon with blocks inside. Airfields with a little dot on the map are “border airfields”. They are better protected by AA, faster repairing. You can takeoff by transport planes from it even the damage is more than 40%


Airfields layout with targets is available on the web site. Click on the city name on the main page to see the airfield layout. Only main targets need to be destroy.


3.6 Supply depots

Supply depots are strategic points located far away from the front lines. They consist of several buildings representing factory industries and storages. Killing or heavily damaging this object will impact the supply by trains and number of vehicles in the tank and supplied columns even by 30%. Depots are heavily defended by AAA. You should attack the from the horizontal flight with heavy bombers. Destroyed depot will be replenished after several missions. Damaged or destroyed depot add some "destroyed tanks" to the global statistics with limit. About 20 tanks when two depot are destroyed. Less tanks when depot is only damaged.


3.7 Troops

There are randomly generated troops near the frontline. They consist of several trucks and a few AAA. There is no icon for them on the map so don’t be surprised if suddenly they start shooting at you.


3.8 Bridges

To complete this objective you have to destroy the enemy bridge. If done then enemy tank convoy will not be supplied.


3.9 Trains

To complete this objective you have to destroy the enemy train at the station. If done then enemy defense position will not be supplied by this train.




The TAW server is still under development and plane set changes during each campaign. The current plane set depends on map number.


Plane set


* VYa23 is not available for the IL-2 AM-38 '41 on the first map #1

* Sh37 is limited for the IL-2 AM-38 ’42. Limitation depends on depot destruction.

* SC1000 is limited for the He 111 H-6. It’s not available on frontline airfields and limitation depends on depot destruction.


After each map pilot gets new plane set depending on the map number.

·   One lost airplane is supplied after 3 combat missions. Combat mission is a "LANDED"/"IN FLIGHT" sortie with AK/GK or at least 15 minutes long without any AK/GK.

·   If pilot ditchs his airplane then it will be replenish after 3 next missions. To ditch try to belly land as close your friendly cities or ground units as possible.

·   If pilot bail out over enemy territory there is always a chance to not be captured

·   If pilot or his plane is damaged and then disconnect during sortie his results is disco (like death or capture AK/GK streak is reset and plane is lost).

·   All AK/GK are counted if you end your sortie alive (no killed, captured or disco).

·   Remember to check available airplanes before spawning on the airfield. They are refreshed after each mission. If you take not allowed airplane you sortie will be marked as “Not valid plane” and you don’t gain any ground or air kills.





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