Experience: 77/100

Available BOM planes

MiG-3 ser.242/20/0/0
Il-2 mod.19411/10/0/0
Pe-2 ser.351/20/0/0
Pe-2 ser.35 transport1/10/0/0

Available BOS planes

LaGG-3 ser.291/10/0/0
Yak-1 ser.691/10/0/0
Il-2 mod.19421/20/0/0
Pe-2 ser.871/10/0/0
Pe-2 ser.87 transport1/10/0/0

One airplane is resupplied after 3 combat missions. Combat mission is a "LANDED"/"IN FLIGHT" sortie 5 minutes long with AK/GK or at least 15 minutes long without any AK/GK.
DITCHED column (A/B/C) means ditched planes will be resupplied after A-one mission, B-two missions, C-three missions.
To fly transport plane take 100% fuel and no bombs/rockets. Capturing or supplying airfield is possible only by transport planes or Ju 52.

Air kills0
Air kills streak0
Ground destroyed0
Ground kills streak0
Tanks destroyed0
Tanks kills streak0
AA destroyed0
Bail out0
Aircrafts lost1
Friendly air kills1
Combat Missions2/3
Total flight time2h 45m
Friendly ground kills0
Kills per death0.00
Kills per aircraft lost0.00
Kills per sortie0.00
Kills per Hour0.00
Win/Defeat rato0.00
GKills per death0.00
GKills per aircraft lost0.00
GKills per sortie0.00
GKills per hour0.00
Date Map Result Flight time AK GK Plane Info
19.11.2017 00:17:31 Kuban #185 IN FLIGHT 0h 33m 17s 0 0 Yak-1 ser.69 +1CM
18.11.2017 23:33:41 Kuban #185 DITCHED 0h 43m 14s 0 0 LaGG-3 ser.29
18.11.2017 23:29:55 Kuban #185 ON GROUND 0h 1m 39s 0 0 LaGG-3 ser.29
13.11.2017 19:46:50 Stalingrad_Center #115 IN FLIGHT 0h 20m 37s 0 0 LaGG-3 ser.29 +1CM
13.11.2017 19:38:01 Stalingrad_Center #115 LANDED 0h 7m 39s 0 0 Pe-2 ser.87 transport +1CM +Yak-1 ser.69
13.11.2017 19:28:24 Stalingrad_Center #115 LANDED 0h 9m 32s 0 0 Pe-2 ser.87 transport +1CM
13.11.2017 19:17:36 Stalingrad_Center #115 LANDED 0h 10m 36s 0 0 Pe-2 ser.87 transport +1CM
13.11.2017 19:06:06 Stalingrad_Center #115 LANDED 0h 10m 54s 0 0 Pe-2 ser.87 transport +1CM +Il-2 mod.1942
13.11.2017 18:53:27 Stalingrad_Center #115 LANDED 0h 10m 23s 0 0 Pe-2 ser.87 transport +1CM
13.11.2017 18:35:36 Stalingrad_Center #115 LANDED 0h 17m 39s 0 0 Pe-2 ser.87 transport +1CM