• Depot in Tormosin was damaged to 3%
  • Tank convoy advancing to Kulkin was damaged
  • Supply convoy advancing to Mal. Chapurniki was destroyed
  • Airfield in Karpovka was repaired to 17%
  • Airfield in Shkolniy was repaired to 33%
  • Airfield in Erzovka was repaired to 85%
  • Airfield in Abganerovo was repaired to 26%
  • Airfield in Karpovka was supplied by air transport to 74%
  • Airfield in Mal. Chapurniki was supplied by air transport to 4%

<== Mission #303 ==>

  • Defense in Kulkin was damaged
  • Border airfield in Kulkin was repaired to 24%

Pilots in mission #303

Name Flight time AK GK Deaths
666GIAP_Chimango1h 47m300
=BES=Wolf-10h 31m1100
=ILS=_Ellie_Williams1h 52m100
Cpt_Siddy1h 7m100
ACG_Bayern1h 10m0260
VF-31_Killer_B1h 1m0201
=19GvFAB=DEMA0h 31m0110
belphegor40h 46m090
SCG_Hatchet_Jack0h 58m071
7.GShAP/Silas0h 58m060
7.GShAP/Kamm0h 58m050
=VP=moros0h 19m040
Olbi_LW1h 32m000
MiGHThi1h 30m001
[_FLAPS_]the_rooster0h 52m000
Syrtis0h 39m000
=ILS=_AirCombatNoob_170h 32m001
=19GvFAB=D_S_Soloviov0h 29m000
BurnesOldman0h 15m000